October 22, 2010

5 things i like about you

it's absolutely the almighty 5 things around me, that always successfully make me feel; can stand in a solid ground. even dramatically, make me live my life.

1. Good People
family, close friends, friends, or total strangers. have a little conversation really makes my
day! or just being around in silence, that's the comfy moment.

2. Good Music
music is number one, tho i can't play those very well. as they say, your music is what you are,
and i've found my identity already>>>indie-folk! but now kinda head on indie-twee :) good
music enlightens up my mind.

3. Good Weather
Sunshine makes me gloomy, conversely raindrops present me a very calm atmosphere.
weather mostly works, even my mood depends on them!

4. Good Food
What i taste inside my mouth, put around my teeth,
suck on tongue, masticate, chew up, then
swallow right to the cavity are surely gotta be delicious and healthy's number 2. good foods
maybe gain you 1 or 2 kgs but they absolutely gain tons of happiness! i call it satisfaction, and
good food declares it.

5. Good Moment and its documentation
Good moment isn't meant to be happened for hundred times, a very good moment that hard to forget, makes you smile whenever you see the picture of it are mostly rare. looking at my photo album makes me realize that every seconds are worthy. so live your life! and marks hundred times of good moments :)

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