December 31, 2010

I like Ahmad Bustomi (19)

Sosok penting dalam timnas Indonesia saat ini, walaupun gak di'heboh'kan di media..
Dialah, Ahmad Bustomi!! n_n
Finally someone agrees with me! Hahaha.
All of my friends say that Bachdim is better, and I'm just like uhh.. no he's not!
I love Cimot (Ahmad Bustomi)! I like how he plays. I think his footwork is amazing.

I'm not a Bachdim hater. I'm just not a Bachdim lover.
I like watching Cimot and Arif Suyono play better I don't know why. I find it kind of boring watching Bachdim play. When Cimot and Arif play, I can't stop watching. They move their feet so fast! Not that Bachdim doesn't move fast... It's hard to explain.
They all have a different style of playing.

Garuda di dadaku!
Garuda kebanggaanku!!

Yeey! ^^

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