May 26, 2012

abew; anin; azkha; latief :)

-with a troubled heart and many tears...
I have some friends. real good friends. we were friends since in the second grade of Junior High and we're getting close day by day for almost 2 years. we know each other pretty well. they listen to the music I love. watch movies that I watch. and we have the same taste of things.. together, we could laugh anything. anything surrounds us. friends, teachers(whoops), famous people, or even ourselves... our funny jokes and acts. everything. nonetheless, we often trapped in a fight anyway. pretty often. times that I spent with them always make me happy and a little talks can really boost my mood. but it was just several years ago. for now, I think I already missed 'them'. actually they're not going anywhere, but the person that being such a good friend of mine doesn't exist anymore. time changes, people changes, everything changes. we're all grown up. we already have our own life and they just don't fit to each other perfectly.

your pretty glamorous life is way too different with the simple life of mine. we're not close anymore. I never see them come to me like they used to before, or even just to talk to me for the last 1 year. I know them pretty much from their updates. but it just.. different. I feel like I never know themselves before. you know.. like a strangers. and if we met each other in the real world, they never greet me, like they don't know me, and so did I. but obviously I don't blame them for anything. it's not his fault for changes, and being different or something. the situation is just ain't right. our life is so freakin different. they already had bunch of quality friends, their friends since in kindergarten, some new high school mates... and I got mine too. this is life, time's running. until now, I'm still missed our silly conversation and laughs. eventhough it's all over now, I always remain them as my friend, although we never see each other after graduated. they just like sweetest old friends of mine that ever happened in my life and would always like that until the end of time.
*forgive my bad grammar

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