October 2, 2012

So here I am again, wakeful..

It’s been a full week without any updates! So many things to be told, but I've been such a procrastinator these days. 
A lot of things happened to me lately, and for sure, those things will be such very interesting topics to be shared with y’all guys. Yeah, sure. But what happened next? Intention is only a word. I delayed it all. Easily said something like, “Ah, tomorrow will be a great mo to write!”, or… “I’m so weary today, lets just do that tomorrow.”
Yep, such the things.
And as you’ve guessed—of course, the final things that came up to my mind wass… “Oh, well, that news is too late. I gotta find something fresher!”
And… there goes, I got nothing to write.
So, maybe for this time, I'd just like to share some random things that happened to me lately, just in case you wanna know— =.="

So, something suddenly plops into my mind and urge me to write it out.

Well, you know my life has been quite hectic these days. Not to say, chaotic. I had a lot of activities beside the college itself (let's count: JN UKMI, BEM FMIPA, SKI FMIPA, HIMATIKA, ISLAMATIKA). It's overwhelming, really, no need to argue and claiming me as a sok-sokan sibuk person. I'm not trying to seem like I am, anyway.

Well I bought a time table book last month and I found it's hard ― I repeat, HARD ― to leave a page of date in blank since I got NO DAYS without NO activity consisted in it. And some of them also took the same time so it forced me to choose which one is prior and which one is not. I have been so careless about daily agenda eversince I born; my very favorite quote is: "Go with the flow. Do things that please you best, and you will find the way." I never planned something before doing it. I am a real impulsive. If I wanted to do something then I do it; if I wanted to accomplish something then I strive. Well I am a great event organizer, I should admit. But those things were just out of plan.
I never made a new year resolution for the whole time of my life. I never listed any goals and glued it on my wall or something. I am just not that kind of person, trust me.

BUT then college starts and everything was changing. I lived alone and it's somehow frustrating to manage everything alone without mother's assistance. I through bunch of problems dealing with times. I forgot many meetings to come. I forgot 1-2 interviews due to the committees open recruitment. I forgot college tasks. I forgot to do that and this. I forgot nearly everything. Then I realized that it's me who got the problem. Not the too-many-activities or too-many-tasks-and-silly-lectures to blame. It's me myself. I'm being very careless upon my own life and there I stumbled on my own feet. I realized it's time for me to change my stupid belief that life doesn't need plan. It does need, in fact.
My first attempt was buying the time-table book and fill my daily agenda on every page. Then I hang it on the wall in front of my bed so every morning I woke up from sleep, I could see what was my agenda that day. I updated it as fast as I can if I get a new update of activities and/or a fixation of particular activities. So I will never forget. And well, it helps. Not to mention, a lot! And as what I've never understood before, making agenda of your daily activities is complicated fun! It makes you organized; since you will get reminded every morning when you woke up so you will never forget about what you are going to do the whole day.

And by the way, I feel kind of more mature by doing that. I love growing up. I don't want to be infantile all over again. I am an undergraduate freshman already! 
Well, that's all I want to share. Wish me luck for these college-things!

ps: I hope you could understand what I am really into right now. I will write some serious things later. Only if I have some spare time. So just keep an eye! ;)

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