August 21, 2010

My Lovely Brother

So,. I have an annoyin' brother..
My little brother is so annoyin', he follows me every where and he gets me annoyed. I have shouted at him *khilaf* that made him cry.. (SO SO sorry about it. It will be the first and the last).
Ok from now and for tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow... I wanna try to be patient with him. He is just doing with comes naturally. He is following me and wants to be like me.
So be patient...
'cause if I do something bad like beating him up, he'll tell on me and my parents may punish me (which, i think i don't really want).

Ummm just do something to get his attention like,.
"woy lu haha, or hey you, or eh kamukamuu... wanna play plants vs zombies" *kadaluarsa*.
Or maybe, the times I want to be by myself, maybe put on a video *upin ipin* for him and tell him that I need to do stuff by myself and he can't come. Over time, he'll stop and start doing things on his own.
Or if he is that annoyin', try to saying explainin' to him that he's annoyin' (so poor), but I love him anyways but he should stop..

And the lesson is,.
Having an annoyin' brother, I think is God's way of protecting us. Good luck at tryin' to make him listen to me, it may not ever happen. He's annoying at times, but at the end of the day I'm happy I have a brother that look out for me. I'll learn to appreciate my brother, he does have some good qualities and I'll love him. Hikshikshiks :'(
I find the best way to handle an annoyin' brother is to start annoying him and don't let him no his annoyin' ways don't bother me. Take care...

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