September 27, 2010

exploring words

May be you think I'm not a good blogger. You aren't completely wrong. I lost words and stucked. That's why lately I rarely write. But now I'm back with smile, love, and new spirit :)

Many people asked me why I blogging. I'll discuss it.
I'm not including in a girl who like writing on diary. I just like exploring the words and I love the world of writing. For me, blog becomes a place to train my processing the words in bahasa Indonesia or english. Because of why I created a blog. Occasionally I write a philoshopy, poem, point of view in my mind, experiences, hearted flow, etc. But I won't write something that very personal. Haha...of course.

Besides writing, I also like blogwalking. By blogwalking we could know about style of writing. Each blogger have their own style of writing. However, more and more I known, it made me confused what theme of my blog is? fotography, full diary? poem? lyrics? or comedy story? All of them are not. My blog contains random things depend on my mind. Everything that I want to write it down.

If you also wanna exploring your words, blogging can be a good choice :)

Anyway, many thank to you readers, visitors, and followers. I appreciate it.
Your shout and comment make my day n_n

NB: Sorry for my bad grammar.

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