October 22, 2010

fact or ficton? just guess

i simply have nothing to do, confused in the middle of a busy schedule, tons of things to solve immediately (sounds too dramatic) and most of them are about school life. report, examinations, or just sequence of ordinary homeworks that are not done yet. AAAAARGH ! i wanna scream for scoops of ice cream, those thingies are too boring and disconcerting so i can't keep my holy-brain wide open receiving another formulas or any kind of materials to be memorized. what a dumb dumb, sloppy couch potato who seats comfortably on a giant sofa; that's exactly what i'm doing ! just listening to my music and keep my head in the clouds is the greatest way to live these days.

as usual, i'm searching anything interesting in the biggest source on earth; google it is. random things, and the most confiscate my peculiar mind is the article about a little girl who got lost in Venice, Italy-a northen town of maze, means once you're seperated from others, don't even think you're gonna find the way back home. people out there are not about trying to intimidate us, but it's fact that sunset often comes earlier in Venice and soon the town will be ruined off the light. her family and friends have been looking for her days and days but she hadn't come her nose up yet. what an incident, there's no any certainty about her vanishing point until today.

guess what, what just happened to her on that day in 1993 ?

She has just slipped and falled into a big hole that consists of other fascinating world beyond earth that has no way in nor out. she was stucked there, living her life in a different way. Nowadays, archeologists and group of roves are about to find that secret hole, but until today no one knows the exact astronomical position. it's about a big phenomenon, not just an ordinary incident.

One question for sure, do you wanna be that lucky girl?
i always want to be.

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