October 19, 2010

the result of not taking vitamins

I'm sick agaiiiiiin.. huffph.
Just a week of not taking vitamin C, I am now suffering from flu. My body resistance have really dropped and whenever I fail to take Vitamin C, I always get sick. I won't wait this time for this flu to get worst. I'm going to buy medicines and Vitamins as soon as I get out here from the office (PRAKERIN). This is what I get for not taking my daily dose of vitamins. Sigh. I should take it daily like how pregnant women take their prenatal vitamins. LOL!
I'm tired of taking medicines but I don't have a choice. The taste of medicines suck!

Nah! I'm not going to think too much about it because the more disappointed I get. :)

My lovely mama just recommended a medicine for my flu. Thanks mom, I'll buy one later. I hope this flu won't take it's toll on me. I can't be sick. Not yet! :D

I hate being sick! It really sucks!

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