November 5, 2010

miss you beeew..

I'm worried about my friend but I don't know what to do. I'm starting to feel a bit jealous.. Hahaha. NO! NO! no bfs. it's all about friendship. NO BFS, yeah you know in Islam bfs and gfs are forbidden.
So okebektudetopik, I have a friend, oh sorry, I mean my best friend, since jhs,. but for some reason this is troubling me a lot. my best friend name is abew, and I like to go out with her a lot, ummh yeah it has been a looong time ago. Though, she has a friend, (sure! my friend too) named dita. well, I'm worried about my friendship with abew, cause she has seemed to go out a lot with dita, and.. well... not me.
now dita is my friend as well, but not really close friend. she is a really nice too.
dita also is really close friends with 3 others people at my school called jege, ebhy, and pia.
abew has been my best friend for sooo long now. it's just that whenever I call her to go out and stuff or talk to her at school, she always already has plans with them.
I don't know why I feel this way. I'm worried I might get left out of this friendship. what should I do?

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