December 27, 2010

for you, ukhtifillah

They are the people I love more than I can express. They were everything to me and I will never forget them, even for a minute. They were my true friends and it is through them that I came to know the world and the real meaning of friendship and love. They made me grow into a complete girl and I can't imagine my life without them.

But, I'm so sad because after the end of the next semester I will not be with them. I won't have them to spend time with, talk to and go places with. Who could replace them???

Believe me, ukhti, my heart loves you very much, as much as drinking water and eating food.
Thousands of words are not enough to describe you.
Wherever I go and whatever I want, I will imagine you. Your faces and uniform are still memorable, even though you are not around.

You meant the world to me, the new world, and life without you is not life at all and that is what has made my life beautiful.

Ukhtifillah, please never forget me. I'll remember you for all my life.

Thanks for coloring my life with love and knowledges, SEKAR, RISMA, TRI, YANTI, YUDITH, RATIH, RIFA.. ^^

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