September 26, 2011

it hurts deep down inside

I have so much good time here. The air is really fresh here. Also the weather here is perfect. And basically, there is no traffic jam here AHAHAHAHAHAHA :D what a lovely place to live is it!

Oh oh oh I almost forget something really important, I get my complete freedom here hehehe. That is the point! I live with my relatives here, exactly in my father's sister's house.

In the first time I felt happy. But after two weeks of happiness, it turned into hardtime of longing. I felt such a lonely feeling at the bottom of my heart. As if something initially nearby me had gone. I extremely missed my family. Sometime I cried with no reason. Actually, I'm not that weak. But it's not something that could overcome easily. Feeling of wanting to see my parents and my brother extremely was hurting me so much. I could suppress it not to shown by people around me, but my conscience couldn't.

It's hard for me to do fasting through Ramadhan month. Unlike another year, this year I did my sahur and iftar in Ramadhan month with my uncle's family. This was my first time spending fasting month without my parents and my beloved brother, Dias :'((( but my activity in college slightly overcome my longing of my family. I have to study hard and put all my effort both as colleger and good daughter instead end up just grieving all the time.

I'm sure I can endure it because I'M PRETTY TOUGH PERSON :D

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