September 26, 2011


As usual when we're having "OSPEK", we should complete some tasks. Honestly, it wasn't as annoying as what I've got in high school. It has different style but honestly, again, it's still annoying.

For example, we had to bring hoe and hook, eventhough we just needed to bring four items of both of them, it was so hard to do. Because of what? First, almost all members of our groups come from outer of Solo city, some of them live in dorm/rented house. Just few of us that are originally Solonese, so we decided to choose them as the ones who were in charge to bring that tools (hoe and hook). And the rest of us were in charge to bring the remain tools. We must endure it.

The other 'challenge' was facing us. We had to make a bulletin board in two days with 'GO GREEN!' as a topic that was set by our senior. I both like and hate this task. I like it because I was in extracurricular of bulletin when I was in high school, in other hand I also hate it because the time that is given to us is really short for making such a pretty large bulletin with very serious topic. Moreover the cost that we spend is also set by our senior, maximum Rp 10.000,00.

We had endured all of that include this task. What task? The task is we have to bring some plants. So, we had to bought those plant, make a pretty large bulletin board with pretty hot topic that is cheap, wander to wherever to find all those tools up.

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