September 26, 2011

I'm touched our intimate relationship

It was nice and touch at once. Firstly, math department/math major of science faculty group was not too good in togetherness unlike other groups. Moreover, the group slogan we had made is slightly odd. So we were end up singing an odd slogan awkwardly with no rhythm. It still went like that until 2nd day of OSMARU, whereas other major/department of science faculty had been far better in togetherness.

But it's turned 180 degree on the next day, exactly on the 3rd day of OSMARU. We became really good in togetherness. Indeed, it was perfect. Even we still sang that odd slogan but because of our perfect togetherness, the 'not really odd' slogan became really cool and ecstatic slogan. We yelled the slogan in harmony brightly. Immediately, the mood of our group went up.

In fact, now, if we compared it to other major/department of science faculty, we are in first place of togetherness :D we still having good time together until now. Greet each other warmly. Get along well with each other.


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