September 26, 2011

I am such a foreigner here

I can say that I am a foreigner here. Where is 'here'? Here, in Solo city, I'm such a foreigner because of my poor Javanese language skill :-|
eventhough my father is Javanese, I cannot speak Javanese at all. My Javanese vocabulary is so poor so don't ever have such an expectation that both my pronounciation and dialect even could reach D+ mark wkwkwkwk :D

The way I talked became completely awkward while I was talking in Javanese language. It's become weirder and weirder for me hearing my humiliating pronounciation and dialect of Javanese language. But it's become funnier and funnier for my friends hearing my spectacular pronounciation and dialect of Javanese language. Sometime, they laugh after hearing that. They said that the way I spoke Javanese language is 'wagu', aha!! I've found a new word :D

I have one humiliating experience of speaking Javanese. It happen few weeks ago, when I'm presenting my presentation, exactly at opening greeting. I said "sugeng injing" which means "good morning" in english. Directly after I told that, all of the audience which is my classmates died of laughter. What in this word is this?? It's it that funny? My Javanese???
I should learn more about it immediately.

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