April 27, 2012

Since I have entired university I have many things to do, like home works, midtest, etc... college, organizations... all of them make me bussy and didn’t have many time to update my blog, eventhough I have so many ideas to write.
There were so many things I had to do.

Seriously, the college orientation programme made me TIRED! 

But eventhough tired, I enjoyed it so much! I could know new people, either from the same class or different class with me. And I'm so happy to know them as my friends, my partners, my new family :)

From now on, I hope I can be a better person. I hope I can do the best in my college life. I hope I can fulfil my targets, and reach the goals. Hope I can make my parents proud with me, and be a better person for people around me! Hwaiting! :)

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