October 6, 2012

One thing I learn during my almost-two-months time in a committee: Think first before you say anything. COMPLETELY anything, be it nice or not.

Well, it seems that not everyone is pleased with what you say. Perhaps you didn’t mean anything bad in your words, but you should put yourself in others’ shoes. Do you think they will take it the same way you expect them to???

Ya, that is it.

And that. That time. I finally cried. Not sobbing anyways, only a little cry, cause my heart cried muuuch much louder. I feel like losing some friends. And I, after all, could put myself in others' shoes. I feel hurt. I must have been feeling hurt if I were them. And then the game was at last finished. We ended it up with hugging each other. Saying sorry to each other. And still on the circle, we put our hands together.

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