January 29, 2013


My college life is terrific. I honestly love it, yes LOVE it! oh, okay I LOVE IT (call me a LIAR -__-) but task and homework are just A LOT. Not because I am lazy, but I don’t have freaking TIME pakdos budos, and unfortunately, I don't like mathematics. I work at 4.30-8.00 pm everyday except holy day (yeah, i separated holy with day). I go to college at 07.30 am-2 pm mostly, sometimes until 3 pm, then off to work at 4.30pm-8.00 pm. oh my life!!! I must be strong. ultimate goal is ahead of me. go and grab it! Many jobless people are out there, even in super power country. I must keep this job and strive for the best. Lastly, I want the good scores..

 HOW PERFECT!! I am grateful, I really am. Good news, I lost 2 more kilograms, I am now 47 YES!!! Photobucket
I like the Ameri*** way, plan ahead and work right away...

so for you, IGNORE THIS!

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czdrk said...

jadi kuliah sambil kerja? wow! bagaimana mengatur waktunya?

Tyas Dessandie said...

bukan definisi kerja dalam arti sesungguhnya :D

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