August 7, 2013

Dedicated for palestinian

I'm back for a while.. just to share my own letter for palestinian.. hope someone will read this and get the inspiration and absolutely make do'a anytime for our brothers and sisters of Palestine.. :)

Assalaamu’alaykum my brothers and sisters of Palestine :)

Hi, I’m Tyas Dessandie from Indonesia. How are you? I hope you fine and may Allah protect every single day and every step you take in this complicated and dangerous task to save Palestine. Much love from everyone in Indonesia, every Muslim in Indonesia. Solidarity greetings from Indonesia. Do you know that your heroic children are an inspiration for us? Yes, we’ve learnt the meaning of faith, the meaning of bravery from all of you. You’re always in our do’a. We may be thousands of miles and many borders and country apart, but your suffering is our suffering, your pain is our pain, and your sadness is truly our keep struggle until the Palestinian flag will be flown over the walls, insha Allah.

With this letter, I want you to know, the people of Gaza know, the Palestinian know, that every true Muslim around the world will stand with you until Palestine is free. You’re not alone, the world is with you. I wanna show the support of your fellow brothers and sisters in Indonesia. The Indonesian people love you all and will help you, as much as they can…  Maybe our donation is very small, but this mission is huge, we’ll donate more as we can. And we hope it’ll be a help in the progress of breaking the siege of Palestine. We’ll always support you. And my big hope, one day I will be there with you physically to help you.

My brothers and sisters of Palestine, keep your heads up, may Allah make it easy for you and victory will be yours at the end. May Allah reward you all for your efforts.
Keep your trust in Allah :)

And the last, I want to keep in contact with you…you can contact me at (email) or my personal twitter account @tydessandie or my facebook account Tyas Dessandie
Jazakumullah khairan katsiran wa jazakumullah ahsanal jaza

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