May 11, 2017

Letter of Recommendation #3

Letter of Recommendation for Tyas Dessandie

As a professor of Universitas Sebelas Maret, it is a great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to offer a recommendation for Tyas Dessandie to a Short Course at Utrecht University, Netherlands. For more than 25 years in my teaching career, I have never met an undergraduate student with such a genuine and focused interest in the underlying logic of the market and entrepreneurial skills, and such a clear aptitude for it. It is the rare student who is able to develop a multi-dimensional perspective of the course of mathematics, Tyas is one such rare student. She had developed a conceptual understanding of a fact-based subject like business and the branch of economics concerned with the use of mathematical methods in describing economic systems.

I first met Tyas Dessandie in a class with discrete mathematics students three years ago. That was the first time I was impressed by her passion and curiousity in this field of study. His academic record was not so good, but Tyas is the type of person who loves learning, a tireless student. She is a very hard worker and passionate. Although facing some difficulties during finishing her study, she never stopped to learn. And finally, her grade has significantly improved. I am confident that she will continue to show the same commitment in everything she does. She applied an internship at Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia is one of the world’s leading airlines and the 20th member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam. And Tyas was just the one and only student who accepted. The combination of her personal and talent make her an ideal addition to enroll that chance.

I know of Tyas’s continued interest to further her study in program related to business and supply chain management. Your program sounds perfectly fit to her talent and professional development. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Tyas, and sincerely belief she will bring her unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless activity to your program. She has my highest endorsement.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Tyas Dessandie for admission and scholarship grant, without reservation, and would appreciate your most favorable considerations for her applications. If you would like to require any further information about this student, please contact me and I will gladly try to help.


Prof. Drs. Tri Atmojo Kusmayadi, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Universitas Sebelas Maret
Phone: +62 815-6747-800

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