May 11, 2017

Letter of Recommendation #2

Letter of Recommendation for Tyas Dessandie

I am Fauzi Yunianto, A CEO of Brownies Cinta. Brownies Cinta is the culinary company in Indonesia with growing profitably with revenue more than IDR 700 million per month. I have been an ethics business coach, as well as mentor to many interns and entrepreneurs. I hope my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional candidate.

Ridiculously creative is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Tyas Dessandie. My first contact with Tyas is about one year ago when she organized a national business camp. I have had the privilege to work with Tyas in this event. Having observed Tyas very closely during the business camp and gotten to know her personally. With participants from a variety of backgrounds, there was often conflict, and occasionally confrontation. While setting limits, Tyas managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect on the participants and because of Tyas’s exceptional skill and professionalism, she has been collaborated with several participants and offer similar courses. When the national business camp was finished, I have had the opportunity to mentor her about the world of business.

Tyas is a young woman entrepreneur who successfully built a creative company before she was 20 and achieve financial independence since 2013. I have the greatest admiration for her diligence and work ethic. Her business cards say such things as creative woman on a journey to build creative company, but “Ind.terest” is just one of her good piece of work. When I get right down to it, she is much more. She is an extremely energetic leader who excels in fast growth, high performance environment. Working with Tyas Dessandie is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. She is tough, demanding, and never settle for ‘good enough’.

Lastly, Tyas is great woman that work with passion. Her relentless effort to grow the company is proof of her immense ownership of the business. Her knowledge, skill, and experience enable her to look at the company in helicopter view. She is really confident and always amazed me with the way she is presenting her business and marketing plan. It is pleasure to know her, and I am sure she would be a great asset to your program. I highly recommend Tyas for your program and hope that you will carefully consider admission application.


Fauzi Yunianto
CEO Brownies Cinta
Phone: +62 856-4737-3863

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