August 3, 2011

I'll keep my dreams alive

my dreams...
I have lots of different dream.
my first dream is to become a doctor and I specifically wanted to be a freaking gynecology.
those doctors whom help people give birth etc.
idk why I have ^ weird dream.
after this dream, of course I have many other dreams, such as

a munakahat planner,

a scientist,

and even want to be a president!!
want to be success in the industry/business/career.
so many different wants.
but I think I still wanna be a doctor.

I ever wanted to be a social worker/psychologist, but, hard to achieve.
even being a doctor is difficult to achieve already.

I seriously hope I can achieve it.
I know I ain't working hard enough.
I'm still in my holiday mood. :'((((
gotta start tuning back to study mood which idk how long since I have met it.

H. A. M. A. S. A. H!!!!

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